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An old weekend project from back in college: One day of research/sketching and one of modeling/rendering in SolidWorks + Keyshot 5. (2015).

The E Series is designed to fill a gap in the market between cheap (practical) digital watches and expensive (featureless) dress watches. The watch maintains all of Casio's core functions: day/date, stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm and light, but offers them in a sleek luxury package.
The result is the the Casio E series concept, a digital dress watch somewhere in between the Casio B640W and the Rado R21925152.

casio watch concept arvid roach retro future digital classic design concept ID product

The original sketch, back when I was first learning to draw digitally.

Details of the side button and watch back.

[author's note: It's interesting to look back and see how dramatically rendering technology has improved since 2015. These were state of the art at the time, but now appear flat and cartoonish. I have no doubt that the same will be true of my current work in a few years!]

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