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Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA.
Bachelor of Science in Product Design with a minor in Fine Arts from Westphal College of Media Arts and Design,

2016 graduation, magna cum laude. Winner of the 2016 Drexel University Cooperative Education Award for outstanding work done at Michael Graves.


Minimal Inc. (MNML)
Chicago, IL. Designer, 2016 - Present.

- Responsible for leading projects, managing development timelines, and handling client relations.
- Created pitch decks, led client workshops and team brainstorms.
- Created 3D models in SolidWorks and Rhino. Produced photorealistic renders using V-Ray, Octane, and Keyshot.
- Selected concepts for development and built final client presentations.
- Worked on IDEA Gold award project (Turf).

Well-Beings. (MNML subsidiary)
Chicago, IL. 2019. Designer, Photographer, 6 months.

- Created product photographs for the brand website and assisted layout.
- Produced photorealistic renders using Octane and Keyshot.
- Assisted with packaging design and layout for the product family.

Michael Graves Architecture and Design
Princeton, NJ. 2015. Intern, 6 months.

- Produced SolidWorks assemblies, spec. packets, and production drawings.
- Sketched new concepts, developed existing products, and built models.
- Maintained 3D printers, assisted video production, made packaging mockups.
- Nominated by Donald Strum, Principal, for the 2016 Cooperative Education Award.

Westphal College Hybrid Making Lab
Philadelphia, PA. 2014. Lab assistant, 3 months.

- Maintained Objet Alaris 3D printer
- Managed appointment scheduling and shop payments.
- In charge of laser cutters, machine tools, lab computers, and shop inventory.

Freelance: LeBow Freedom of Business Award
Philadelphia, PA. 2014, Freelance Design Work

- Selected by Drexel Administration to design the 2015 Freedom of Business Awards.
- 10 weeks of sketch development, 12 weeks of CAD modeling and prototyping.
- Presented 3D printed prototypes, final renderings, and blueprints to clients.

Westphal College Product Design Lab
Philadelphia, PA. 2014, Shop assistant, 6 months.

- Managed the tool room and produced safety information for safe machine use.
- Oversaw students during shop hours, maintained shop, managed payments.

Motorcycle History and Design
Philadelphia, PA. 2014. Teacher's Assistant - 3 months.

-In charge of integrating the class' ideas into one design for development.
- Modeled multiple fully detailed motorcycles in SolidWorks.
- 3D printed scale models which were displayed in the College art gallery for over a year.
- Produced finished renders in Keyshot 5 and created final 6’x4’ presentation board for a school engineering competition.

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