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This page contains information on the A-12 wall and desk clock, made by Instrmnt and sold for $155 in 2018.

The clock is 30cm in diameter and is constructed of a spun aluminum case, stamped metal hands, stainless steel foot, cork back, and a German UTS Silent quartz movement.

Final Score: 6/10

Pros: A lovely wall clock: lightweight, legible, and long lasting. Well considered down to the last detail.
Cons: Some materials feel a little cheap. The front is not protected by glass. The product was difficult to remove from the packaging.

The clock was shipped internationally and arrived safe and sound in a timely manner.

The tape used to seal the box was branded "INSTRMNT", a nice touch.

The inner box was equally simple. The "recycled greyboard" felt thin and flexed in a cheap way. I would have preferred a smoother finis and thicker board, but I understand and respect the designer's ecological motives.

The package label was far better than most, although graphically, I consider it somewhat over designed. (Why so many lines?)

A view of the clock in its packaging.

It was surprisingly difficult to remove the clock from the packaging. The components fit very tightly, and I ended up lifting the insert out and ripping it open.

The accessories were excellent.

I was impressed by the foot. The wire gauge is quite sturdy and has no sharp edges. The finish is good.

Also included was a AA battery, a screw for wall mounting, and a pencil (Branded Instrmnt). The latter two accessories came in glass test tubes, a whimsical gesture, entirely unnecessary, but fully appreciated.

The dial is aluminum, and is consistent with Instrmnt's other watch faces. The layout works quite well at this scale.

The hands are stamped metal.

The printing is sharp and clean. I inspected it closely and found no issues.

The back of the A-12 is lined with a cork board material. The metal rim is thin, one of my only issues with the clock.

I understand that it needs to be lightweight in order to stand up easily, but I still found myself wishing that it had some more heft to it.

It is well engineered, so the quality is there, but it is only a few extra pieces of stamped metal above far cheaper clocks in terms of weight and feel.

A detail shot of the back. The movement is a German-made UTS Silent Movement. It is plastic, and has an exposed battery -- both of which are understandable, but hardly premium.

Beneath the movement is a small "INSTRMNT" label, the only branding on the clock, which I appreciate.

In sum, this is a great wall clock, an elegant and understated piece that will likely stand the test of time.

While is is not built to the same standards as some heavier wall clocks, and lacks protective glass, its unique foot and iconic face more than make up for its shortcomings.

I consider this a smart buy, offering adequate value, good design, and quality craftsmanship.

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