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A quick weekend project to make a pair of leather sandals. I used a thick raw-hide leather for the sole, and a softer top-grain leather for the upper and insole.

This was my first time making footwear, and as such, it was a fun learning process.

First, I traced my foot and cut out the sole from raw-hide.

The upper was made of thinner strips of top-grain leather, folded over itself.

I punched holes into the leather with an awl and sewed it together with nylon thread.

After cutting slits into the sole, I attached the upper and insole, and trimmed the edges of the sandal with a box cutter.

Learning to make a pair of sandals was a fun and rewarding weekend challenge. The end result is comfortable, lightweight, and personalized to my feet. Walking in your own shoes is a unique experience that I would recommend to anyone interested.

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