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Relay is an LTE walkie talkie for children that allows easy communication between parents and friends without the additional cost and complexity of a smart phone. The device ditches the standard screen in favor of a few simple interactions: Push the center button to talk, hold it to talk to Alexa or Google Assistant, and use the three buttons on the side to cycle channels and adjust the volume.

A powerful speaker and dual microphones means the device can be held comfortably at arms length while speaking. An optional carrying loop allows it to be conveniently clipped to a backpack or belt loop. The device is shock proof, water resistant, and charges via a magnetic cable. Relay launched in 2018 and sells for $99 with a $7/mo service plan.

Involvement: I worked on the development of this product for a year with MNML design director Kyle Buzzard. My primary contributions were selecting the final CMF, creating final renders and tech-packs for manufacture, and working with fellow designer Jilian Tackaberry to create the grill pattern. Below: The Mint, Brick, and Blueberry colorways.

Below: Samples from the tech pack specifying colors for manufacture.

The Relay App is used to manage multiple Relay devices. The app securely stores the location, service status, and battery levels of each device.

When a child uses their relay, an LTE call is made to the parent's cellphone. This allows convenient communication between an adult and multiple children.

Relay isn't limited to use with children. It is also perfect for small teams, such as restaurant staff, or the elderly who are not comfortable using smart phones.

Below, a few of the alternate patterns visualized.

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