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A Principled Approach.

Arvid is a Chicago based product designer, photographer, and data enthusiast. His mission is to create and visualize new ideas in the service of larger ideals, to communicate with clarity and respect, and to maintain the highest standards of personal conduct and craftsmanship. Arvid maintains a quiet optimism at all times, and believes that honesty is the most important quality one can exhibit.

As a Senior Designer at MNML Inc., Arvid works with startups and fortune 100 companies to create and inform the future of design. Below are a few samples of his public work.

Turf TIles

A series of modular ceiling tiles that blur the lines between aesthetics and performance, dramatically transforming the spaces they reside in.


Privacy, simplified. Say goodbye to government and corporate tracking with this all in one hardware solution.


A high performance ceiling fan shrouded in a translucent glass shell with scalloped detailing.

Looper bench

A continuous wooden loop of solid maple forms a visual keystone in this modern bench.

Cresco Labs

8 months of brand and and packaging design for one of the Nation's leading Cannabis suppliers.

Calphalon Oven

A powerhouse kitchen appliance with a spacious interior that can toast, roast, broil and dehydrate whole chickens.


A rebranding for the nation's leading poverty and homelessness prevention program.


Branding and product photography for the most advanced CBD product family on the market.

Tyr 3

A modular prosthetic design that mimics the layers of the human arm to provide superior comfort, utility, and beauty.


An LTE walkie talkie that allows easy communication between kids or coworkers without the additional cost and complexity of smart phones.

Viral Advertising

2 videos. 20 million views. These are Youtube's most popular pen videos, made in one afternoon.

Design Process

A transit map explaining how the digital design process fits into the product development cycle.

Speed Test

An elegant data visual illustrating different URL load speeds over time.

Binder Clip

Hyper realistic modeling for TurboSquid.

Every Day Carry

The objects Arvid uses each day, lovingly knolled for your viewing pleasure.

Metal Weights

Metals differ in weight, but by how much exactly? Here's a direct visual comparison.

Metal Values

Ever wonder about the value of different metals? Take a look at gold, silver, copper, aluminum and iron.