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A Principled Approach.

Arvid is a Chicago based industrial designer, photographer, and data visualist. His mission is to create and visualize new ideas in the service of larger ideals, to communicate with clarity and respect, and to maintain the highest standards of personal conduct and craftsmanship. Arvid maintains a quiet optimism at all times, and believes that honesty is the most important quality one can exhibit.

Product Design

Arvid has designed furniture, lighting, medical devices, home appliances, consumer electronics, children's products, luxury goods, architectural installations, and much more. Working as a designer, researcher, and strategist, Arvid has consulted with dozens of exciting startups and multiple fortune 100 companies to create and inform the future of product design. Below are a few samples of his public work.

Calphalon Oven

A powerhouse kitchen appliance with a spacious interior that can toast, roast, broil and dehydrate.


Arvid shoots as a both a professional product photographer (WellBeings / MNML Inc.) and as a form of personal meditation. The camera is a powerful story telling tool for promoting products and brands, but it is also an invaluable training tool for the creative mind that demands one see life with curiosity and compassion.


Candid moments from the city streets.

Data visualization

One of Arvid's principles is clarity: the idea that ideas should be understandable. In this information age, the importance of elegant data visuals has never been greater. Below ia a range of case studies illustrating how to simplify the data without losing any information.

Speed Test

An elegant data visual illustrating URL load speeds over time.


Product Design is the marriage of art and industry. A foundation in drawing, painting, and sculpture will not only increase the ease with which a designer can express new ideas, it will also help them to refine their sense of scale and proportion, allowing them to cultivate an intuitive sense of beauty.


Sketches and illustrations from various projects

Fine Art

Oil paintings, charcoal drawings, and screen prints.

Procedural Art

Striking visuals generated from computer algorithms

street photo photography city urban life

Because sometimes the best ideas are in the margins