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In 2020, MINIMAL collaborated with SteelSeries to design and develop Alias & Alias Pro, two best-in-class mics designed specifically for streaming.  With gaming more popular and more inclusive than ever, our goal was to design a set of mics that met the functional requirements needed by gamers and streamers while still feeling approachable and professional.

Role: I worked with fellow MINIMAL designers Charlie Prescott & Dave Seal throughout the development of these microphones. The three of us sketched, researched, prototyped, and each created CAD & renders across multiple design phases. Charlie produced the final CAD model and PR renders, many of which are shown below.

The First Microphone Truly Designed For Gaming

Alias & Alias Pro were created to simplify the toolkit needed for streaming while providing high quality sound and user-friendly setup. They both feature a larger capsule for a wider vocal range capture and are powered by Sonar, SteelSeries’ all-in-one streaming sound studio that boasts features like AI noise cancellation and easy-to-use live audio mixing.

Approachable, Functional, Professional

At their core, Alias & Alias Pro exist to simplify the user experience around steaming while you game and their design reflects that same idea. Built with the modern gamer in mind, we designed these mics to feel approachable and professional with a minimalist fabric-wrapped design built around functional details like the shock mount that adds visual interest while also reducing unwanted vibrations to create clearer sound, the tactile dial controls that make live audio mixing easily accessible, and the customizable indirect lighting that makes users feel immersed in the game.

Customizable Controls

The right dial and right button on XLR Stream Mixer are fully mappable, so you can change your inputs to fade music or whatever else lets you focus on your stream. Converting a pro grade XLR signal into your stream has never been so simple.

Shockingly Silent

For the heavy typers and desk punchers out there, the shock mount keeps out unwanted noise from vibrations.

For Streamers

Alias Pro with XLR Stream Mixer is an all-in-one sound studio designed for every streamer out there, with everything they need to sound professional, every time they go live.


The Alias and Alias Pro are available for purchase at for $180 and $330, respectively.

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