Acoustic tiles that transform the look and feel of your space.

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    Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
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In 2017, MNML partnered with TURF to develop a range of modular acoustic ceiling tile designs for the TURF catalog. TURF tiles perfectly blur the lines between cutting edge aesthetics and acoustic performance, radically changing the spaces they live in. Attaching to ubiquitous drop-ceiling T-grids, the three-dimensional magnetic TURF Acoustic Ceiling Tiles, made from recycled PET, allow for endless customization.

Role: I created the Pyramid tile system and worked closely with the MNML team to model and develop the other four systems. I also worked with Tim Zarki, MNML's Visual Lead (2016-18), to produce the final rendered assets for Turf and also helped MNML prepare the IDEA award application that Turf eventually won gold for.

Transformative Design.

Acoustic levels and noise within modern open spaces and hard-surface environments are a constant distraction that impact productivity and focus. Solutions are limited, very expensive and many times require specialized installation. The TURF Acoustic Ceiling Tile System is an intelligent solution to environmental noise that leverages inspiring aesthetics, customer expression and customization, functional design and engineering, low-cost manufacturing, recycled materials, and magnetic plug-n-play contractor-friendly installation onto drop ceiling grids. TURF’s ability to offer functional performance and transformative aesthetics without compromise while complementing existing construction workflows and budgets sets this product apart in the market. Any trade can install TURF: ceiling contractors, painters, electricians, facilities management—virtually anyone.


As part of our exploration, MNML created a wide variety of different acoustic tile designs, ranging from the pure and geometric to the complex and organic. These different designs serve to live in harmony with their environments or to create a focal point that gives the space its character.


Each set of tiles is fully modular and can be arranged in a wide variety of different combinations to extend the possibilities even further. These patterns can be orderly and geometric, or natural and randomized depending on what complements the space most effectively.

Ease of Use

TURF tiles are designed to utilize existing drop ceiling grid frameworks for easy installation. The tiles were created with ease of installation and maintenance in mind and use rare earth magnets to snap into their frames instead of relying on any kind of hardware or fasteners.

Standing with the first tile from the Pyramid family.

In Context

Turf generously outfitted MNML's office with acoustic tiles. Below, the Crease family installed in our conference room.

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