Packaging design for one of the US's largest cannabis suppliers.

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In 2019, MNML partnered with Cresco Labs and Kristine Arth to develop a series of new cannabis brands. Cresco offers a wide variety of popular cannabis strains, available at dispensaries and retail locations nationwide. Their three core offerings (Rise, Rest, Refresh) come in three primary colors: red, green, and blue. These high quality strains are the foundation of their brand.

Role: As part of the packaging team at MNML, I spent 8 months executing Kristine's brand vision for Cresco, from initial concept sketches to packaging mock-ups, final renders, and production dielines.


The compact glass jars feature child-proof caps and fold out labels detailing the different effects of each strain.


Early on, I produced sketches to help organize the different brands and the many types of packaging each would require. Since each brand has a unique personality and target demographic, many different strategies had to be created and tested.


Below, early concept renders I produced of the Cresco family, modeled in Modo and rendered in Keyshot. Over 8 months, I produced hundreds of these renders to guide the development of each product.


In 2020, Cannabis was legalized in Illinois. Finally, companies like Cresco were allowed to provide safe cannabis products with accurate dosing information and consistent strain quality.


Since Cannabis is a heavily regulated industry, packaging presents a unique challenge. States vary widely in their rules, so I created a database of all existing state regulations (below, left) and organized a chart that shows the overlap between states (below, right). These documents were instrumental in educating the team as we worked to develop viable packaging strategies. The full document can be viewed here.

Refresh (Hybrid - Indica & Sativa)

For clarity and Balance, Hybrid strains offer the best of both sativa and indica.

Rest (Indica)

For calm and relaxation, Indica-dominant strains with relaxing effects.

Rise (Sativa)

For energy and creativity, Sativa-dominant strains with uplifting effects.


Kristine Arth's creative vision for Cresco was made real by MNML in less than a year, an unprecedented timeline that gave Cresco a first-to-market advantage. From logo to bar code, every detail was considered on dozens of products.

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