Rebranding the nation's leading homelessness prevention program.

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Homebase (The Center for Common Concerns) is a national organization whose mission is to reduce poverty and end homelessness. For over 25 years, they have been the thought leaders in their field, connecting communities and assisting service providers. In addition, Homebase provides 25,000 year-round beds for homeless individuals and families. In 2018, their founder, Marty Fleetwood, asked me to rebrand their organization, including their logo and website.

After connecting Marty with the design team at MNML, I lead this project from start to finish, assisted by Sean Nelson (web design) and Veronica Haglund (graphic design), with strategic support from Emily Tennison. Together, we generated a new Logo and brand guidelines, website, newsletter template, e-signature, letterhead, business cards, merchandise, and more.

Before and After

The new logo is rich with meaning: A chevron creates an abstracted roof, referencing the charity's mission to end homelessness. Additionally, the logo can be seen as an arrow moving upward, lifting upwards to advance the cause. Lastly, the chevron is a shape often found on the uniforms of service members as a badge indicating honor and discipline. Graphically, the logo is strong, simple, and memorable.

Brand Colors

The team also chose a new set of brand colors for use in multiple contexts. It was important that the brand be professional enough for government clients, but also remain attractive to a younger audience of volunteers.


The redesigned HomeBase website communicates the organization's mission in a modern and approachable format. Since Homebase had their own in house web team, we designed the layout according to a template that could be implemented quickly and cost effectively. Our UX team, headed by Sean Nelson, applied the new branding colors along with carefully chosen imagery, logos, and text, to create a vision of the homepage that could be implemented across the other pages by Homebase's internal web development team.

Landing Page

HomeBase is as an information resource, recruiting center, and donation channel for homelessness. When redesigning the website, we focused on simplifying the navigation and emphasizing the core brand messages. Below, the landing page mockup, used to guide the creation of subsequent pages.


The team also created a series of business cards, e-signatures, stationary, and a newsletter template.


We also turned the logo into a tiled pattern that could be used as a brand element across different applications.


Additionally, the team mocked up Hombase Shirts, tote bags, mugs, and more.

Legacy & Future

Over the past 25 years, Executive Director and founding member Marty Fleewood has grown Hombase into a force for good in California and nationwide. I was thrilled to lead this rebranding project as the company prepares for its next 25 years.

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