Detect and decontaminate any surface—without chemicals.

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    Cleaning & Sanitation
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    Decontamination Equipment
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Driven by new safety and sanitation standards created during the COVID-19 pandemic, MNML partnered with SafetySpect to design and develop the CSI-D+, a pioneering AI system that detects, decontaminates and scientifically confirms a surface is clean, all without the use of chemicals. The CSI-D+ gives corporations, governments, and private organizations the peace of mind that their employees and customers are protected.

Role: I worked with MNML's Design Director Ishmael Adams and Director of Engineering Keith Alsberg to design and develop this product. I sketched, prototyped, and 3D modeled the product before producing final renders and documentation for the design. Additional human factors and prototyping assistance provided by Charlie Prescott and Jillian Tackaberry.

The device was built to run on a standard Milwaukee power tool battery.


Ergonomic studies were printed to verify the grip and button layout. A neck strap was added during development as it was found to reduce fatigue during long scanning sessions. Additionally, the team built various simulated environments (such as an aircraft cabin, shown below) to test scanning in multiple positions.


The housing surfaces and part construction were iteratively refined over many weeks of discussion with Ishmael Adams and Keith Alsberg. Sample notes taken during these discussions are shown below, and cover everything from screw placement to the flow of chamfers.

In Action

This handheld technology works for small and large spaces, with limited cleaning staff, and fast turnaround times. The first release of the system will target the institutional and restaurant food safety industry, with future releases targeting Hospitals and other medical applications.

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