The world's first portable window mounted standing desk.

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Motis is the world’s first portable window-mounted standing desk. In 2017 MNML fully turn keyed Deskview's brand, flagship product, and successful launch on Kickstarter, which lead to backing by ABC Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary. Motis is the latest iteration, a durable aluminum standing desk that sets up in seconds and holds over 40lbs. The patented technology brings all of the strength and versatility of the original DeskView in an ultra-lightweight 4.5lb design that easily fits into your briefcase, purse, or backpack; so you can Work Your Way, whenever, wherever.

Role: While at MNML, I partnered with Zeeshan Hakkim to design Motis from start to finish. We took the idea from initial sketches through to final CAD and renders with engineering support by Gary Paulson.

Ultra Compact

Motis is compact, portable, and installs to almost any window or glass wall in just seconds.

Your desk, anywhere.

Derived from the Latin word for ‘motion’, Motis is the world’s first truly go-anywhere, work-anywhere standing desk.

Cup Holder

Every desk needs coffee! Motis features a sliding cup holder to keep you going.

Built in Level

Motis features a built in bubble level, ensuring a perfect surface every time.


Motis is designed to pair perfectly with Deskview's Two Tier stand. Mounting a laptop or tablet above clears up desk-space and delivers a truly ergonomic work experience.

Your office, anywhere.

Motis sets up in seconds, so you can work comfortably anywhere. With Motis, the world is your office.

Rock Solid

Motis can hold up to 40 LBS & utilizes a vacuum tight seal that will never come loose unless you release the locking mechanism.


Because of its aluminum construction, the desk surface of Motis is razor thin.

Industrial Strength

By utilizing industrial grade suction technology, Motis can hold up to 40 pounds (18kg).

A desk with a view.

Motis attaches to any glass window, providing a compact desk surface with a view.

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