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In 2019, MNML partnered with Cresco Labs and Kristine Arth to develop a series of new cannabis brands. High Supply is a sub-brand of Cresco Labs and was created to provide quality cannabis, in bulk. These buds are expertly grown, lab-tested and available in popcorn, shake, pre-rolls and vapes. Whether you’re a fan of sativa, indica or hybrid, you’ll always have cannabis on hand with High Supply.

Role: As part of the brand and packaging team at MNML, I spent 8 months executing Kristine's brand vision for High Supply, from initial concept sketches to packaging mock-ups, final renders, and production dielines.

From Render to Reality

The newly legalized Cannabis industry is a highly competitive one. Development moves at a fast pace. MNML's design team had to get it right the first time to ensure High Supply could get to market first and stay one step ahead of the competition. Initial renders for the High Supply popcorn tubs and prerolls demonstrate how quickly a design can become a reality.


It’s all in the name: no-hassle, no-stress. Highly Supply pre-rolls are ready for toking.

Vape Pens

High Supply vape pens offer perfect viscosity, butane-extracted oils, and expertly-blended terpenes.

Popcorn & Shake

Buds in bulk. Small in size, ideal in potency. High Supply delivers quality quantity.


High Supply's graphic design is nod to the classic ‘Thank You’ type on takeaway plastic bags. Text is bold and blocky, repeated over high contrast packaging, and paired with simple "disposable" materials like brown paper. A simple flash of primary color indicates the cannabis strain (indica, sativa, hybrid), complementing the playful, handmade quality of the brand.

The Family

Sometimes a brand is less about frills and more about a statement. High Supply is consistently good cannabis. That’s it.

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