Logo and Packaging for the SOUL BUILT Marksmith.

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In 2020 I teamed up with Daniel Bauen, founder of Engineerable, to design the SOUL BUILT brand logo and product packaging for the Marksmith Titanium EDC Marker.

The first SOUL BUILT product is the Marksmith, a bolt action titanium marker designed for every day carry. Marksmith was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2020 and delivered to backers in 2021.

Logo Design

SOUL BUILT is a design & build workshop that focuses on high end tools for the discerning customer. The brand and its customers celebrate the hard work and craftsmanship that goes into each SOUL BUILT product. To represent this symbolically, founder Daniel Bauen requested that a heart, hammer, and wrench be incorporated into the company logo. Through many iterations the SOUL BUILT logo was developed, capturing his vision of the brand in a dynamic heart shape made of abstracted tools.

The SOUL BUILT logo represents the soul of the builder and the love of craft. Lines move from thin to thick, creating a balance of delicacy and strength. The motion of the hammer falling forms the arch of the heart and gives the logo a dynamic energy.

The word mark is executed in a modified Salden Black Condensed, a bold font with subtle curves that further reinforce the hand crafted feeling.

Marksmith Packaging

In this video, Daniel showcases the logo and packaging design for the Marksmith pen.

Inspection and Assembly

Marksmith boxes, assembled and ready to be shipped to backers.

Packaging DieLines

The original packaging concept: a black box with white outer sleeve. Inside, a magnetic lid lifts to reveal a foam cutout housing the pen.

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